A new year brings new opportunities and challenges. Growth and accomplishments. Mistakes made and lessons learned. I wish you the best in all of these things, with good health and family peace (or as close as you can get with tweens and teens in the house!).
As the old year comes to a close, I’d like to thank the many people who have helped me out at Risk-within-reason: Kelly Wilton, Debbie Kellerman and Tracey at Montreal Families, the awesome Michelle Skamene for her technical advice and encouragement, Barbara Victor and Carol Liverman at Agences Ometz, graphic designer Isabelle for my beautiful new logo, Isabelle Martin for helping me launch our French workshops (Risques Raisonnables), John Glasspoole at Interface Media, Rochelle Sochaczevski for offering to help me out with pics (though we’ve been too busy to get to them!), my friends Simone Freedman and Andrea Yampolsky for constant encouragement, my husband Martin for everything, and my three beautiful girls for an endless supply of material. Of course, thanks also goes out to all our wonderful readers, for their support and comments, their forwards, shares and likes. I am grateful for the follow-throughs that led to workshops and the opportunity to meet face to face.

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